What to Do With Cracked Pickleballs: Creative Solutions!

When dealing with cracked pickleballs, the best course of action is to dispose of them immediately. Cracked pickleballs are no longer suitable for use and should be discarded instead.

Are you wondering what to do with cracked pickleballs? If you’ve found yourself with these unusable pickleballs, it’s important to know the proper steps to take. Cracked pickleballs not only affect gameplay but also pose potential safety hazards. We will explore the best course of action to deal with cracked pickleballs and provide you with some helpful tips.

Whether you’re a pickleball enthusiast or a beginner, understanding how to manage cracked pickleballs is essential. Let’s dive in and discover what to do when faced with cracked pickleballs and how to handle them responsibly.

1. Repurpose Them

Cracked pickleballs don’t have to go to waste. One way to repurpose them is by creating a DIY pickleball mobile. Hang the cracked pickleballs from a string or a mobile frame, and you’ll have a unique decoration for your home.

Another option is to use the cracked pickleballs to decorate a Christmas tree. Hang them alongside your traditional ornaments for a quirky and fun touch. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make friendship balls with the cracked pickleballs. Paint the pickleballs in vibrant colors and give them as gifts to your friends.

Don’t let cracked pickleballs gather dust – turn them into something new and exciting!

What to Do With Cracked Pickleballs: Creative Solutions!

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2. Recycle Them

Cracked pickleballs can be recycled through initiatives like the RePickle Project. Regular recycling facilities are not equipped to handle pickleballs because they are not on the list of accepted materials. Tossing pickleballs in your recycling bin will only result in them getting removed as contamination.

However, the RePickle Project offers a solution for recycling pickleballs. Additionally, to permanently mark your pickleballs, laser engraving is suggested. This method ensures that your name or initials will never fade, increasing the chances of getting your balls back and reducing the cost of replacing them.

So, instead of disposing of cracked pickleballs, consider recycling them through specialized programs like the RePickle Project or get creative with crafty projects using cracked pickleballs.

3. Mark Them For Identification

If you have cracked pickleballs, one option is to mark them for identification. This can be done by permanently laser engraving your name or initials onto the pickleballs. Engraving ensures that the markings won’t fade, and it increases the chances of getting your balls back if they are misplaced or mixed up with others.

Additionally, marking your pickleballs can help prevent theft or confusion during games or tournaments. Laser engraving is a long-lasting and durable solution, as the engraving will remain intact even with regular use. By marking your cracked pickleballs, you can continue to use them for personal play and avoid the need to constantly replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Do With Cracked Pickleballs

What Can You Do With Cracked Pickleballs?

Cracked pickleballs should be disposed of immediately due to the risk of injury during gameplay.

How Do You Know If Pickleballs Are Bad?

Pickleballs are bad if they have cracks, are warped, feel firm or have discoloration.

Why Aren T Pickleballs Recyclable?

Unfortunately, pickleballs cannot be recycled by recycling centers due to their materials not being on the accepted materials list.

How Do You Permanently Mark Pickleballs?

To permanently mark pickleballs, you can use laser engraving, which ensures that the marking never fades. This helps you identify your balls and reduces the need for replacement.


Finding creative uses for cracked pickleballs is not only a sustainable approach but also a fun way to repurpose these damaged balls. Whether it’s using them as decorative items, crafting projects, or even as training aids for pets, the possibilities are endless.

By getting crafty with cracked pickleballs, you can unleash your creativity and give these damaged balls a new lease on life. Wanting to leave a positive impact on the environment, you may consider alternatives to recycling, as pickleballs are not typically accepted by recycling centers.

Laser engraving your name on pickleballs can also help in preventing mix-ups and reducing the need for ball replacements. So, the next time your pickleball gets cracked, don’t just toss it away. Embrace your creativity and discover the various ways you can repurpose these damaged balls.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the journey of finding new uses for cracked pickleballs.


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