How Much Does a Pickleball Set Cost? Find the Best Deals Now!

A pickleball set can cost anywhere from $13.99 to $800, depending on the brand, quality, and included accessories. Examples of affordable pickleball sets include a set priced at $13.99 on Walmart and a set priced at $15.99 on Amazon.

On the higher end, a set offered by Pickleball Central is priced at $800. It’s important to consider factors such as paddle durability, net quality, and included accessories when determining which pickleball set is best for your needs.

How Much Does a Pickleball Set Cost? Find the Best Deals Now!


Affordable Pickleball Set Options

Looking for an affordable pickleball set? Consider the OLANNY Graphite Pickleball Paddles Set. These premium rackets feature a fiber face and polymer honeycomb core. The set includes pickleball paddles and pickleball, all for a price of $59. 99 on Amazon.

com, with free shipping. Another option is the Monarch Complete Pickleball Game Set, available for $59. 99 at DICK’S Sporting Goods. This set comes with a well-built net and is lightweight and easy to use. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Walmart offers a Pickleball Set for just $14.

97. This set includes a paddle. With these affordable options, you can enjoy the game of pickleball without breaking the bank.

Mid-Range Pickleball Set Options

The mid-range options for pickleball sets include the JOOLA Essentials Pickleball Paddles Set, which is versatile and suitable for all skill levels. However, players with larger hands may find the grip size less ideal. This set is available for $129.

99 on PickleballMate. Another option is the Franklin Sports Pickleball Starter Set, priced at $50. 71. For those looking for a top pickleball brand, the Franklin Sports Jet Aluminum Pickleball Paddle is heavy-duty with a price tag of $49. 99.

These sets offer varying features and prices, allowing players to choose according to their preferences and budget.

High-End Pickleball Set Options

High-End Pickleball Set Options include the JOOLA Ben Johns Blue Lightning Pickleball Set, priced at $79. 00 on Victor Jung and $44. 99 on FILA. For those looking for a good starter set, the Fila Pickleball Starter Set is an affordable option at $24.

99 and comes with a handy carry bag. Another high-end option is the Zume Games Pickleball Set with a price of $100. 98. These sets are well-designed and offer great value for pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, investing in a high-quality pickleball set is essential for enjoying the game to the fullest.

So, if you’re looking for a pickleball set with premium features, these options are worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Does A Pickleball Set Cost

Is It Expensive To Play Pickleball?

Playing pickleball can be affordable with sets starting at $14. 97 on Walmart and $15. 99 on Amazon.

What Do I Need To Buy For Pickleball?

To play pickleball, you will need a pickleball paddle, pickleball balls, and a pickleball net set.

Is A More Expensive Pickleball Paddle Worth It?

A more expensive pickleball paddle may be worth it for better performance and durability.

How Many Games Does A Pickleball Last?

A pickleball game typically lasts for an average of 15-20 minutes.


When it comes to purchasing a pickleball set, there are numerous options available at different price points to suit your needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a budget-friendly set or a professional player seeking high-quality equipment, you can find a pickleball set that fits your requirements and budget.

The cost of a pickleball set can vary depending on factors such as the brand, materials used, and additional features included in the set. Generally, pickleball sets can range from around $15 to $800, providing options for every budget. From affordable sets from popular retailers like Walmart to premium sets from specialized pickleball stores, there is a wide selection to choose from.

Remember to consider factors such as paddle durability, grip comfort, and net quality when making your decision. Investing in a good pickleball set will enhance your playing experience and ensure you make the most of this exciting sport. So go ahead and start playing pickleball with a set that suits your needs and budget.


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